If you are looking for a holiday where you can visit numerous places of interest, experience different cultures and have your every need taken care of then you should look at taking a cruise holiday. You won’t have all the travel worries that come with making your own travel arrangements and you can get a great personal service, no matter what your needs.

There are really endless possibilities for your cruise holiday, so it can be quite hard to choose just one, let alone which cruise line to go for, so I would suggest doing plenty of research before you go. Online travel companies can offer plenty of information on cruise holidays, such as virginholidaycruises.co.uk who actually specialise in all types of cruise holidays, whether it’s just a cruise holiday, fly and cruise holiday or fly, cruise and stay holiday. Some cruise holidays aim to be more relaxing, so more time will be spent at sea but the cruise ships will have plenty on offer to help keep you relaxed during your trip. Others offer plenty of ports to dock in so you can visit as many places as you can and take in lots of new cultures.

There are cruise lines and holidays that have been specifically tailored for families with plenty of fun and entertainment available, as well as romantic holidays for couples which offer a personal service and also for single travellers which are made to feel part of a family and a larger travel group, so everyone is covered.

In order to extend their holidays and to experience more of the country they are visiting, more and more people are looking to work while they are abroad.

In Europe, working while on holiday is remarkably easy – thanks to EU labour laws, there are few legal roadblocks to working while on holiday.  Many Brits take advantage of these labour laws by working during the busy ‘summer season’ in tourist markets, and there are usually many jobs in Mediterranean locations.

Another popular overseas destination for a working holiday is Australia.  Thanks to Australia’s working visa, it is relatively easy to organise a working holiday in the country.  An Australia working visa allows for Brits to stay in the country for up to 12 months, wherein they can work with any single employer for up to six months and study for up to four months.  People who have successfully completed one stint in Australia on a working visa can then apply for a second stay in the country, this time for up to six months, working with a previous employer.  However, the major drawback of an Australian working visa is that applicants have to be aged between 18 and 30 at the time of their visa application.

One country where many people want to take working holidays is the United States; however, thanks to the country’s strict labour and immigration laws doing so can be problematic.  The criteria for working in the US is very, very strict and usually only allows highly skilled workers in.  One programme which does allow Brits to work in the US more easily, though, is Camp USA, which finds people jobs working in summer camps.