The Swiss ski resort of Zermatt has now opened four new slope for slower skiers in mind, the ‘slow slope’ have been designated to keep speeding skiers away so for those who wish to enjoy a leisurely jaunt down the slopes without the worry of being knocked over by fast skiers. The aim is to reduce accidents on the slopes and it also means less experienced skiers can enjoy their ski holiday without worry. Ski speed limits have been used at resorts in the USA for some time and people who have visited them will be used to the ski police with their flashing helmets chasing and fining reckless skiers. The slow slopes will be monitored and any offenders who are seen to be speeding or skiing recklessly will lose their ski pass. There are calls for more slow slopes in the Alps to improve safety and reduce the risks of accidents, almost 30 a year die in skiing accident on the alps and number there hoping to reduce with the new measures. Skiers across France will also see a post campaigning for more caution on the slopes with the Foreign Office teaming up with French Officials to educate the large amount British tourists who have taken up many of the cheap ski deals on the perils of drinking at high altitudes.

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