A new poll conducted by visa application help website IXPVisas.com has revealed the most expensive countries for expats to live compared to the UK. Japan comes top with 72% of expats saying that the cost of living in the Land of the Rising Sun was ‘higher’ or ‘much higher’ than the UK.

Other countries that made the list include France, Switzerland and Hong Kong. As many people who have travelled to Tokyo or Paris will confirm, although some items such as electronics and clothes are cheaper than in the UK, the cost of living, especially food and drink is often more expensive.

Here are the top ten most expensive countries for expats to live:

1.    Japan
2.    Switzerland
3.    Norway
4.    Singapore
5.    Hong Kong
6.    Australia
7.    France
8.    Angola
9.    Russia
10.    Brazil

The study also asked expats ‘Do you find yourself financially comfortable in your life abroad?’ 31% said yes, 46% said that they were reasonably comfortable and 23% said that they were struggling financially.

Although 23% of expats said that they were struggling financially, they also felt that it was expensive everywhere and that the prices were relative to circumstances.

Do you live abroad? Tell us your reaction to the poll and any experiences that you have about living abroad.

Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo, voted most expensive place to live by expats

Picture: Timo Nurmi

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