Florida is not called the sunshine state for nothing; the temperatures rarely drop below 22 degrees even in January and December, the two coldest months of the year. The winter months in Florida are the best time of the year to visit the state as the summer months of June through to the end of September, whilst much hotter are in the rainy season and it is not unusual for it to rain at least once every day, it is also the official hurricane season.

Orlando is the Airport to which most flights from the UK go to and there are many regional airports which fly direct all year round. Orlando will make a great base from which you can travel and see the whole State, or just use it to have a great holiday experience, shopping sightseeing or some of the best golf on the world.

Naturally Florida is renowned for its theme parks and Disney World has t rank the tops for many visitors, both young and old. SeaWorld Orlando is a stunning attraction where you can take part in thrilling rides if you wish or just watch feeding of the seals and sea lions, or become completely entranced in the 360 degree theatre experience.

You will never be short of things to do and to see in Orlando, museums and some of the best dining experiences anywhere can be found here. But Florida has so much to offer, beaches galore 500 miles of them and as all things America, they don’t do things by half. Try Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach water sports galore and beach bars to quench your thirst or replenish you with home cooked delights.

The Everglades is something completely different from the glitz and glamour of the theme parks, one and a half million acres of unspoilt wetlands and home to the all American crocodile and you could spot a Florida Panther! Take a hover craft ride through them; you will remember it all your life.

So we suggest that you try Florida for your next winter vacation in the sun, we are sure it will not be the last time you visit the “Sunshine State” why not give it a try?

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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Dominica Republic – Punta Cana
In the past Dominica Republic has played second fiddle to Mexico when it comes to Caribbean holidays, but this luscious island is starting to come into its own. There are now a number of fantastic hotels on the island and it’s a great choice for a winter sun holiday.

The resort of Punta Cana is a picture perfect Caribbean destination, palm tree lined golden sand beaches and warm azure waters. Many of the hotels in the Dominican Republic are all-inclusive as its tourism trade is just emerging with plenty of four and five stars accommodation on offer.

The Royalton Punta Cana in Bavaro is a 24hr all-inclusive hotel, which means food and drinks are served all day long. It has three pools and is right on the beach, the hotel also has a total of ten restaurants and snack bars. Like many hotels, entertainment is top notch and is provided all day and night, so you won’t be short of things to do.

Egypt – Sharm el Sheikh

Many people had to Egypt for a guaranteed sunshine holiday, with year round scorching temperatures, the resort of Sharm el Sheik on the red sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations and the resort is jam packed full of luxury all-inclusive hotels.

Located on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, surrounded on one side by the Sinai desert and the other by the warm waters of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh is a great all round destination. The bustling resort has plenty of bars and restaurants, catering well to the tourists, as well as plenty of shopping options from traditional souks to air conditioned malls.

In the heart of the resort is the Sultan Garden Resort, it has its own private beach, four outdoor pools and a number of activities available for adults and children alike. This all-inclusive hotel has a number of restaurants including buffet and formal a la cart dining options and snack bars. The hotel also has three bars providing locally produced alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.

Turkey – Antalya

Antalya is a region on the coast of Turkey, the ‘Turquoise’ Mediterranean Coast and is quickly becoming one of the countries popular holiday destinations. Antalya has a reputation of a glamorous and luxurious destination; the small resorts dotted along the coastline are packed with luxury five stars hotels and complexes.

The Calista Luxury Resort in Belek, has prime position looking out into the Mediterranean ocean, like many right on the beach, it offers a wide range of activities. It has three swimming pools including one with waterslides. It runs a daily activities programme perfect for adults and children alike. It also provides a great selection of evening entertainment and has a main buffet restaurant, six a la cart restaurants and snack bars dotted around the complex.

The hotel is located in the charming resort town of Belek, where there are a wide range of traditional Turkish Markets as well as their popular ‘designer’ shops. You won’t be short of places to eat or drink here either, with a number of great restaurants and local bars.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Maybe it has always been a childhood dream of yours to go on safari, or maybe your own children are desperate to go.  Whatever your motivation, an adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced awaits!  Safaris in Kenya are particularly well-known and offer a good chance of seeing some spectacular sights on a daily basis.  Here are some important tips for you to take into account when booking your safari.

How will you travel?

With all the excitement of potential lion, tiger and giraffe spotting, you’d be forgiven for not giving as much thought to the logistics.  Safaris are usually in a 4×4, an open-back truck or a minibus, so consider beforehand which mode of transport is best for you and your travel companions.

Guiding light

You’ll need to travel with a very experienced guide who is not only knowledgeable about the wildlife and vegetation but also has a good grip on safety procedures.  Peace of mind is essential on safari – an inexperienced guide will make you nervous and stressed and may spoil your holiday.

Which deal?

Some safari packages offer all-inclusive deals where all your meals are provided, while other packages will expect you to pay, so make sure you book the right option.  Remember to check what facilities are offered by the hotel or lodge you’ll be staying in.  Some have swimming pools and provide all the modern conveniences, whereas others are very basic.  The rule is that you generally get what you pay for.  Booking in advance will give you access to the best prices, so it pays to be organised.

On a budget?

Some companies offer camping safaris which are considerably cheaper.  Choose this option if you want to keep costs down and are willing to forgo five-star accommodation to experience a true adventure out in the wilds of Africa.

A safari is quite rightly referred to as a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ – you and your travel companions will remember it forever!


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While Mauritius isn’t the closest destination to the UK, holidaymakers should think twice before leaving it off their bucket lists.  Though diminutive in size, Mauritius is nonetheless a stunner and offers some of the most spectacular natural features in the world.

Mauritius has a number of personalities.  It is bordered by idyllic white sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.  The interior of the main island is filled with impressive mountains, lush jungles and inactive volcanoes that offer a completely different kind of beauty than that of the coast.

Finally, there is plenty of culture to be found on Mauritius.  Although it is a relatively small island, over one million people call it home.  If you head into the capital city of Port Louis, you’ll find a vibrant, lively scene with lots to see and do.

If you can bring yourself to venture out from the high quality accommodation Mauritius holidays provide, you’ll find an amazing country – full of wildlife and breathtaking natural landscapes – that offers one of the best luxury holidays anywhere in the world.

Mauritius - Ile aux Cerf

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If you’re looking for somewhere to go for your summer holiday, why not see what Spain has to offer? It’s not all stag and hen parties, booze cruises, clubbing and club 18-30 holidays. Spain has a wealth of culture and a whole host of history to explore.

In-land you have Spain’s Capital City, Madrid. This cosmopolitan city is a perfect destination for a city break and to give you a taste of Spain. Madrid is the financial and cultural hub in Spain. There are plenty of things to see and do, like visiting the Prado Museum or the Reina Sofia gallery which hold works of art by many famous artists. It’s also a great spot if you like a lively nightlife, with plenty of bars and restaurants many still having a touch of the Spanish flare.

On the coast you have Spain’s second largest City, Barcelona, known for its famous football team and of course, architectural marvels by Gaudi including La Sagrada Familia. There is the historical gothic quarter which is great to explore as well as a fantastic blend of traditional Catalan culture. Again the nightlife is second to none, with some fantastic restaurants around the city and plenty of bars.

Along the coast, and in the Costa Blanca region, Benidorm is a resort which caters well to the British tourist; it’s the most popular destination in the summer. There is still a feel of the traditional Spain here but for a real Spanish touch you will have to head further afield. Benidorm is popular because of the cheap accommodation here like the Benilux Park Hotel Benidorm. Eating and drinking out here can also be cheap, so a holiday here won’t break the bank.

The islands of Majorca and Ibiza have party island reputations. However there is much more to both of these places, in Majorca further away from the busier south of the island you can find some great resorts, once fishing villages, they all still hold their original charm. Ibiza was a destination for hippies, looking to get away from it all and it is still possible to find that inner peace on the island again away from the busting southern resorts.

If you want to visit Spain and experience, all it has to offer, look at visiting Valencia, known for the Valencia Orange, this city is great for those looking at enjoying local cuisine, especially the local dish paella. Another city you may have heard of from oranges again is Seville the main draw of this city is its outstanding Gothic Cathedral. This city also has a great romantic feel to it, perfect for those looking for romance, but wanting somewhere different to Paris.

There are so many different options for a holiday to Spain that it can be hard to know where to start; one thing for sure is that Spain is a great holiday destination.

Benidorm Spain

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Located some 100 miles west of London, Bath has a rich literary, architectural and archaeological history. It is a gem in the mystical landscape of Somerset and Wiltshire, from which many World Heritage sites, such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury, are easily accessible.

Splashing out with the Romans

Bath’s most famous attraction, the natural thermal spa, was sacred to the Celts and the Romans, whose baths were an architectural highlight still open to visitors today. The city centre combines amazing shopping opportunities with a wonderful cultural complex centred on the Roman Baths, the Pump Room and the glorious architecture of Bath Abbey. An eclectic collection of museums and galleries and a range of activities, including hot air ballooning, are on offer. For those more intent on luxurious indulgence, the modern Thermae Spa offers the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Georgian heritage of Bath is most visible in the imposing Bath Stone architecture, which rises majestically over the central city, crowning the course of the River Avon and several beautiful parks. Jane Austen’s association with Bath is celebrated with a dedicated Visitor’s Centre and the Pump Room, made famous in her novels; for example, ‘Northanger Abbey’.

Getting to Bath and beyond

A popular destination for both day trips and short breaks, Bath can be reached from London in an hour and a half and is a mere 15 minutes from Bristol. For a faster trip back in time, visitors can explore prehistoric earthworks en-route, along with Stonehenge, in Wiltshire.

This cold weather we have had recently has got many people thinking about booking their summer holiday, something to look forward too. If you want an affordable get away then you should check out Marmaris and Benidorm for some fantastic holiday deals.


The bustling Turkish resort town of Marmaris is a great destination for an affordable holiday. It’s one of Turkey’s largest resorts and its still growing. There is a wide range of accommodation to be found here from self-catering apartments to all-inclusive hotels. So you can find the package which is affordable for your needs.

Marmaris also has plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from, such as traditional Turkish restaurants, to European eateries. Marmaris is also known as a party resort, there are a number of bars and clubs all offering deals for drinks, a must see is Turkey’s famous Bar Street.

As a cheap destination for families Marmaris, has plenty of family friendly hotels the beach is also long and you will find plenty of water sports available. There are also a number of excursions that you can take from Marmaris to the surrounding area, if you like to get out and about.


To be fair Benidorm has been a firm favourite of the British traveller since the 1960’s when the first package holiday was offered there. Today this town has grown into a massive holiday mecca, with sky rises lining the skyline. There are more hotels and apartments than you can shake a stick at, you will not be short of choice.

Benidorm is always popular thanks to the great prices offered here, the choice means that generally it’s pretty cheap to stay here compared to other Spanish holiday resorts. There are plenty of things to keep you busy here from water and theme parks to the fantastic long golden sand beach offering a range of sports.

Not to mention the lively nightlife, with plenty of bars and top clubs. Plus because Benidorm has been a British holiday maker hotspot for so many years you can also find some great home comforts in the restaurants here.

If you’re looking for cheap holidays, both Marmaris and Benidorm should be top of your list. There are still some fantastic deals available as travel agents look to tempt people to book their summer holiday. Don’t forget you can also still pick up some good last minute deals as well, so keep your eyes open.

Park Guell contains the remnants of a ‘garden city’ designed by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi.  It is located in Barcelona, Spain.  The park is situated at the top of the hill of El Carmel which affords visitors views of the city and the unfinished Sagrada Familia, which was also designed by Gaudi.  Park Guell takes its name from Count Eusebi Guell who commissioned the design, which was intended as a residential suburb with 60 houses.

The structures and landscaping which can be seen today were constructed between 1900 and 1914.  As time went on, it became obvious that there was little interest in buying the houses, so the park was finally acquired by the city of Barcelona in 1923.

Visitors to the park are treated to streets, paths, seating and buildings which all carry the stamp of Gaudi’s visionary designs.  Gaudi himself lived in one of the houses.  The park features a range of designs and unusual shapes, the most impressive being the serpent-shaped seating area made of thousands of mosaic tiles.  The comfortable shape of the seat is said to be a result of Gaudi ordering a workman to plant his naked bottom in wet plaster.

Other features of Park Guell include an iron gazebo, columns that resemble the trunks of palm trees, and fountains and archways.  There is a grinning dragon draped on the stairs near the entrance, which invites visitors to give it a friendly pat on the head.

Entry to Park Guell is free, and visitors can gain access by bus or underground railway.  There is a small fee to visit a museum which has examples of Gaudi’s art.  The hill on which the park resides is quite steep, and exploring the park entails some uphill hiking.  Even though the park is usually full of tourists, many visitors place it among the best parks in Europe.

Affordability is the main concern for many families when it comes to booking a holiday. Spain is always a popular choice for British families for their summer holidays. It’s close to the UK so flight times are short, you are pretty much guaranteed sun during the summer months and Spanish holiday resorts cater well for UK families.

The Costa Blanca has been attracting British tourist on package holidays since the 1960’s, with many small towns and fishing villages which dot the coastline growing into bustling tourist resorts, attracting those looking for fun in the sun. Because there is a wide selection of resorts to choose from you can easily find cheap hotels in Costa Blanca region. The top resorts include Benidorm which is known as the Manhattan of the Spanish Coast, Denia a charming little Spanish fishing village and Javea a picturesque luxury destination.

As well as fantastic hotels across the region, Costa Blanca also has plenty to offer on the entertainment front: For families there are a number of amusement parks to choose from, zoos and aquariums as well as water sports across many of the beaches on this coastline. There are also plenty of places of interest to explore with the Costa Blanca having a varied history, check out the museums and landmarks to learn more about its history.

Eating and drinking is defiantly covered in Benidorm for example all you’re eating out needs are covered. Cuisines range from traditional Spanish fare, to European, Chinese, and American and of course good old British grub. Benidorm is also known for its feisty nightlife, with a wide selection of bars and clubs. If you looking for somewhere quieter and less rowdy but has similar amenities to Benidorm, then Denia and Javea will be better options.

You really can keep the cost down in the Costa Blanca, check out all-inclusive hotels for the full deal or renting villas and apartments if there are a lot of you travelling, self-catering is an affordable option. You can find the cheapest hotels for your family easily online for your summer 2013 holiday.

Cirencester, a market town in the Cotswolds, was one of the most significant settlements in Roman Britain.  The remains of a Roman amphitheatre can still be seen on the outskirts of the town and the Corinium Museum in the centre has many Roman exhibits.

Today the town has a good range of shops, both chain and independent and many restaurants and hotels.  The Abbey Grounds, found behind the church, are a pleasant place to stroll around or stop for a picnic.

Cirencester Park is a short walk from the centre of the town.  This park is owned by the Bathurst Family and is free to enter.  Also within the Bathurst estate, is Cirencester Park Polo Club.  Visitors are welcome to watch the tournaments during the summer season and there are refreshments available to purchase.

Cirencester is a great base from which to explore the surrounding area.  Visit other Cotswold towns such as Bibury and Bourton-on-the-Water.  The town of Cheltenham is 14 miles away where you will find a larger range of shops and leisure facilities including cinemas and the Everyman Theatre.