Most cruise holidaymakers are polite and respectful but it only takes a minority to spoil what should be the holiday of a lifetime. Think before you act and take note of our handy tips on cruise travel etiquette.

•    Poolside loungers are “first come first served”. There is nothing more annoying than getting up early to relax by the pool and finding rows of vacant loungers “reserved” with towels over them.

•    Smoking is strictly regulated on cruise ships. If you smoke, make sure you familiarise yourself with the ship’s policies for the comfort and safety of those around you.

•    Be on time for dinner and for group sessions or appointments of any kind. A lengthy delay will impact on the enjoyment of other passengers as well as making it difficult for staff to do their job.

•    Mind your volume when talking in hallways. Cabin walls are not soundproof and standing outside doors chatting late at night will disturb other passengers. Keep it to a whisper or go back into a public area.

•    Dress well for dinner. Cruise ships have a reputation for formal evening attire and too much exposed flesh or casual clothing is not well received.

•    Finally, always observe tipping etiquette. The cruise ship staff will be there to look after you for your entire trip so it is worth looking after them if they do a good job.

Cruise Restaurant

Picture: Steve Douglas

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